About our Padre Pio Apostolate

Following Padre Pio is an outreach of Tradition, Family, Property Association—a non-profit, civic association of Catholics. This outreach aims to spread devotion to Saint Padre Pio. He was one of the greatest saints of the 20th century, having been awarded numerous mystical gifts, including that of the stigmata of Passion.
We believe Padre Pio is God’s special gift for our days because of our skeptical and scientific attitude towards religion. So we decided to create the group Padre Pio’s Protected Children for those also wanting to help spread, far and wide, the priceless treasure of the Church through the life and miracles of the Saint Padre Pio.


1. Holy Mass for Your Intentions

When you become a member of Padre Pio’s Protected Children, Holy Mass will be offered monthly (12 masses) for your spiritual and temporal needs throughout the year.
Additionally, Holy Mass will be offered for you weekly (52 masses) depending on your chosen level of support.
Of course, you may include the names of your friends and relatives who have passed away or who are in need of prayers.

2. Padre Pio’s Blessing and Protection in Your Life

When you become a member of Padre Pio’s Protected Children, you join a very special Padre Pio apostolate. This gesture of trust and generosity will not go unnoticed. Padre Pio will reward you! We receive countless testimonies telling how the lives of Padre Pio devotees went through great changes after coming to know Padre Pio. Let this transformation happen to you too!

3. Gifts of Acknowlegement

As a token of our gratitude for your chosen level of support, in addition to Holy Masses offered for your intentions, you will receive at least 3 of the following:

  • A personalised Certificate of Participation
  • A5 full-colour Picture/Prayer card of Padre Pio ready to frame and place in a devotional place.
  • 48-page, pocket-sized booklet Selected Prayers and Spiritual Advice of Padre Pio
  • A beautiful 20cm statue of Padre Pio, already blessed
  • Your intentions included in our daily rosaries

To become a Protected Child of Padre Pio

  • start by filling in your details below, then click the YES button below.
  • You will immediately be enrolled in next Friday’s Padre Pio Mass and receive new video and outreach notifications!